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What is EL Wire? -

What Is EL Wire?

EL wire is short for electroluminescent wire and also goes by other names such as glow string, neon string, glow wire, neon wire, and that cool glowing stuff from Tron.

Technical Info on EL Wire

At the most basic level EL wire is a small copper wire coated in phosphorus that glows when a certain electrical current is applied to it (from a driver/inverter, more on this at bottom). This core is then surrounded by a plastic coating that gives the EL wire it's unique colour and protects the core. While EL wire comes in a few different diameters we mainly carry the 2.3mm width EL wire as it is the easiest to work with and provides the best glow.

Tell me more!

EL wire is popular because it is very colourful and easy to work with, it is also flexible and lightweight making it a great candidate for costumes & clothing projects. It runs heat free and has a 360 degree glow that is easy on the eyes at night. You can choose from 10 different fun and bright colours running the whole range of the rainbow.

How do I use it?

The easiest way is to buy it in a pre made kit which will take the guess work out of pairing a driver with EL wire.  We have a whole bunch of different kits for sale including starter EL wire kits, multi colour EL wire kits, sound sensitive EL wire kits and more!  The other way to get in to EL wire is to buy a pre made item such as glow glasses or glow hoodies.  We also offer a sewable EL wire kit to make attaching the wire to clothing a whole lot easier. When working with the EL wire always avoid bending it at 90 degree angles and keep the curves bigger than the diameter of a quarter.

What are some ideas for EL wire projects?

EL wire can be used to create glow bikes, glow glasses, glow hoodie, glow hats, glow costumes, glow masks, glow skeleton costumes, glow signs, and more. We are amazed at all of the unique projects our customers have created using EL wire from GlowCulture.

What powers the glow wire?

All EL wire requires a power source to light up which is always included in our ready-to-use EL wire kits. Each kit will come with a perfectly paired 'driver' that was designed to power that particular length of EL wire. We carry a large selection of drivers some as small as a watch battery, and others that take 8 AA batteries (but will glow for up to 2 days).