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GlowCulture EL Wire Frequently Asked Questions


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Not all EL wire is created the same...


Q. What makes GlowCulture different?

A. GlowCulture is run by a passionate team who want to provide the best online shopping experience possible. We aim to rise above the competition by providing amazing products & exceptional customer service. Any issues are dealt with promptly ensuring you are fully satisfied with your purchase from us. We started selling EL wire after using it for years and realizing that we could provide a better shopping experience than the competition.


Q. How quick is shipping?

A. To suit your needs we offer a variety of shipping options with various times and costs. Most orders are packed and shipped within 1-2 business days and sometimes same-day. We strive to get your shipment out the door as quick as possible so that you can get started on your glow project. To find the cost and shipment time simply add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and use the shipping calculator in the shopping cart area. All orders are shipped with high quality shipping materials to ensure it reaches you in perfect shape.


Q.What is EL wire?

A. EL wire is short for Electroluminescent wire. EL Wire is a super bright glowing plastic wire. It is very flexible and lightweight which makes it a great way to light up costumes, clothing, bikes, helmets, backpacks, campsites and parties. Our glow wire is available in a rainbow of colors including aqua blue, royal blue, lime green, grass green, yellow, orange, red, white, purple and pink. Glow wire is best used at night or in low light applications as sunlight is obviously much brighter. EL wire is sealed in a plastic shell which gives our wire its unique glow and protects it from the elements.

 EL wire inner wire view


Q. What is the advantage of buying EL wire in a kit?

A. All of the kits we sell are ready-to-use and include all the pieces you need to use it, just add your batteries. We carry over 20 different drivers and it can be confusing at times figuring out which driver works best for your needs which is why we mostly sell EL wire in a kit. Our kits always contain the perfect driver for the length of glow wire included taking all the guesswork out of buying EL wire. Our deluxe multi-color glow kits also include a splitter allowing you to connect all of the included EL wire strands to one driver. There is no extra charge for the kits vs. buying the pieces separately.


Q. What are Drivers (or Inverters)?

A. All GlowCulture EL wire kits come with a 'driver' that converts battery power to AC to light up the glow wire. Most drivers have a button to switch between functions (such as blink, on, off, etc). The majority of our driivers are small, portable and need only a few batteries to operate. The exception to that is our 12 volt driver which powers our extra-long glow kits as these drivers require more power and use 8AA batteries (still portable but takes some creativity to hide the driver in a costume. Average glow time on a set of new batteries is 8-10 hours but can last up to 2 days.

GlowCulture Starter Kits


Q. What do your EL wire kits include?

A. All GlowCulture EL wire kits contain everything you need to use your glow wire (except batteries). We have paired up the perfect driver for every kit to maximize the glow and battery life. All EL wire that we sell is pre-soldered with a 2-pin JST SM In-line power wire connector that will easily connect to the driver. If your kit of choice contains multiple strands of glow wire then a splitter will be provided to connect all the wires to one driver. We highly recommend our 2 meter power extender which allows you to keep the driver in a pocket instead of having to have it right at the beginning of your design.


Q. How bright is EL wire and how does it look?

A. EL wire has a soft 360 degree glow running the whole length of the wire unlike LED which has specific points that light up. EL wire varies in brightness based on the color as well as the length of wire and driver choice. The wire in our kits is highly visible Polar Light 2 (2nd generation, highly efficient). When the glow wire is turned on it will look very similar to a neon sign and it is great for outlining, highlights, and shapes. EL wire is made for low light use as it will not show up under spotlights or in daylight.


Q. Is EL wire flexible? Can I bend it?

A. EL wire has a flexible copper core but like all metals will break due to over-bending or fatigue. The core wire has two smaller 'corona' wires wrapped around it which can be the first to break if bent too many times in the same spot so caution is urged. When bending the wire do not bend it at right angles, keep corners and edges rounded. When shaping corners never bend it tighter than the diameter of a dime. Do not bend and re-bend the wire, as that is sure to cause trouble. Please be careful when working with the EL wire as broken wires cannot be replaced.


Q. How hot does EL wire get?

A. Our EL wire runs cool and generates no heat which makes it a great choice for costumes.


Q. Do the drivers make any sound?

A. All EL wire drivers make a small high pitched sound. Typically in a room with any noise, music, talking, background noise will cover it up. Our 12V drivers tend to be louder especially the sound sensitive models. If you are using your EL wire in a quiet room we recommend the 3v driver or 9v drivers.


Q. What quality is your glow wire?

A. We have sourced the best EL wire we could find on the market to ensure your project really glows. All EL wire is tested before shipping to ensure you have a great experience using


Q. What powers EL wire?

A. All EL wire requires a driver/inverter to power the wire which are included in every EL wire kit we sell. Most of the drivers are portable and powered by 2-8 batteries depending on its size and run for 8-12 hours minimum. Every driver is rated to power a certain length of wire (typically a range) and should be used as closely as possible to that range. Driver functions range from on/off to blink, sequences, pulse to music, brightness adjustment, blink speed adjustment.

GlowCulture Deluxe Multi-Colour Kits


Q. Can I cut the EL wire?

A. EL wire can be shortened to any length but you must be sure to seal the wire with an end-cap. If you were to cut it into two pieces and want to use both the 2nd piece would need to have another connector soldered to it which can be purchased in our 'parts' section. Be sure to use proper wire cutters so as to not damage the wire and its inner pieces.


Q. What is the diameter of your EL wire?

A. The diameter of the wire we carry is 2.3mm and the lengths vary by kit. While EL wire is available in various diameters we believe that the 2.3mm width wire is the most flexible and has the best glow which is why we mainly sell that diameter.


Q. How long do the batteries last?

A. For drivers that use 2 AA or AAA batteries they will typically last a minimum 8-12 hours and our 12v drivers with 8 AA batteries can last upwards of 2 days.


If you didn't find your answer on this page please use the contact form above to reach out to us, we look forward to hearing from you.


by Matt Smith