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Our EL Wire Creations & Projects Including Bikes, Clothing & More

EL Wire Bike Lighting

This was a work in progress but here is a preview video of the el wire bike. It is 5 x 2 meter lengths of EL wire that has been wound around the frame. It is being powered by a 5 port sequencer running off 8 AA batteries, and it is stored in a small bag under the seat.  The wheel has a 3v driver zip tied in and when it spins the whole wheel glows.



EL Wire Cowboy Hats

Here is another easy to make creation, this took less than 30 minutes to complete. It uses our 2 meter EL wire starter kit and a few zip ties to keep it all in place. We used clear thread and a sewing needle to attach it, and the battery pack is hidden on the inside where there is extra room inside the hat. These cowboy hats were a hit at the Calgary Stampede and we had people coming up to us ALL night asking how the heck we made these.



EL Wire Toque (sound responsive)

This is a toque that was made for an outdoor winter concert during January in Calgary Alberta. The weather dropped down to -30 that night so the toque came in handy, and it definitely blew a few peoples minds that night. It is a standard knit toque with the EL wire pushed through the holes. The driver was stored in a jacket pocket to keep the batteries from freezing. This was using a sound sensitive 3V driver and just 2M of orange EL wire for this great sound sensitive EL wire effect.



EL Wire Dancing Sasquatch (sound sensitive)

This is a figure made for the 2011 sasquatch music festival. Using some steel wire (bendable but strong enough to hold a shape)a sasquatch shape was bent, then the EL wire was taped to the frame using clear tape. Here is a video of it in action (minus the legs as it wasn't finished at the time of the video). It ended up being around 3 feet tall, using 1 12V driver with sound sensitivity, and 2 x 2 meter sections of orange EL wire



EL Wire Stickman & Skeleton For Halloween

EL wire stickman and skeleton at halloween party.


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