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EL Wire Glowing Costume Ideas For Halloween & Year Round Glow

Glowing Angel Costume


You can easily add this to a store bought angel costume or make your own using light fabric. White EL wire (or pink, etc) will look amazing tracing out the contour of the angel wings, add a 1m EL wire craft kit to create a glowing halo to really complete the look.


EL Wire Angel Wings

Glowing Alien Costume


We recommend the lime green EL wire for any alien costume lighting as it has an out of this world glow. Go all out by tracing key parts of the costume, or simply make a glowing mask to really stand out this Halloween. 


Glowing Skeleton Costume


An EL wire skeleton is a big project to build but when it's finished you will look amazing. We recommend to start by tracing out your bone pattern onto a dark shirt + pant to determine how much EL wire your costume will require. You can glue, sew, or tape the EL wire to your clothes, depending on material and how long you want it to last. In between bones you can cover the EL wire with black electrical tape to hide the extra wire. If you are doing a more simple design our 10 meter 2 colour kit should work great to do a simple skeleton. We recommend grabbing a 2m starter kit to create a unique glowing skeleton mask as well, any cheap store bought mask will make a great base or simply cut out a cardboard shape and attach a band to keep it on your head.


EL Wire Skeleton

Glowing Cartoon Stickman Costume


Our glowing EL Wire Stickman Kits are hugely popular at all times of year, but especially at Halloween. With a little bit of effort you can add our stickman EL wire kit to any dark clothing and have an amazing costume that will surely stand out at any Halloween party. Check out our EL Wire Stickman Kit here, or our Sewable EL Wire Stickman Kit here.


EL Wire Stickman


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