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Summer Music Festival Survival Guide

Music Festival Survival GuideWith music festival season starting we'd like to share a few tips that we've learned over the years.  Coachella is just around the corner and Sasquatch Festival (our favorite) is coming up next month, time to get prepared!Do's & Don'ts

- Be prepared for ANY weather.  If there is one thing I have learned it is that a weather forecast is but a hopeful prediction.  I recommend a decent lightweight rain jacket, sunscreen, bug spray, warm sweater, extra socks, and pants, all of which I didn't bring the first year I went.


- Bring a lot of easy to prepare and eat food, as the novelty of making huge meals with limited supplies + utensils will get a bit tiring. Having something you can just open and eat will be a lifesaver after the long days, and don't skimp on nutritious food as you can't survive a weekend on chocolate bars & red bull. Depending on the camping situation and vendors I would also recommend buying as much as ice as you can bring (we had 1 cooler for food, 1 for beer, and 1 for extra ice) as it can be tough to get more on the hot days.


- Bring or make a landmark for your campsite so you have an easy way of finding it both day and night.  You may think its easy to find but believe me it isn't at night when you realize your tent looks identical to the other 10000   Depending how handy you and your friends are I would suggest anything from a well lit flag pole with a home-made flag, or some bright LEDs shining up into the sky. Our various LED lights make an awesome choice for cheap camp lighting and beacons. Our extra long EL wire kit makes a great light source for a flag pole.


- Hydrate hydrate hydrate.  Red bull & beer is not enough to keep you alive all weekend.  Go to wal-mart and buy as much water as you can fit in all the nooks of your car.  Inside the concert area is another story as you usually can't bring in outside bottles, but bring a good refillable bottle and get in line for water before you run out. Extending your time off with a trip to the hospital for dehydration isn't the most fun.


- Pick a meeting place for you and your friends on the festival grounds as it's hit or miss whether your cell phone will work (and if you are a Canadian you will get gouged like crazy for texts and data).


- If you want music in your campsite when you are hanging around you will need a decent sound system or car stereo as unlike nature camping festival camping is LOUD. You will most likely kill your car battery at some point so be sure to have jumper cables as well (or nice neighbors).


- Have fun, make memories, but don't be that guy.


- Make sure you are clear about what can and cannot be brought into the festival grounds, we recommend erring on the side of caution as the front gate security sometimes have trouble telling the difference between a pro camera vs basic one. Wasting an hour hiking back to your car to lock up a camera isn't the best way to start your festival experience.


 Don't forget to pick up some EL wire or super bright LED lights from us to help you and your friends stand out at night in the crowd.

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