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Spring Music Festival Season Approaches

At GlowCulture we are excited the spring music festival is just around the corner. Adding EL wire to your clothes, gear, bag, hat or other accessory is a great way to stand out in the huge music festival crowd. EL wire is a heat-free, efficient & colourful way of lighting yourself up. Our glow wire is available in 10 colours and 5 different lengths, and also comes in a sewable version. All EL wire is powered by a small inverter that will have either a blink, fully lit, sound activated mode (or all 3) and will run off of 1-8 batteries depending on size. Adding EL wire to a hoodie is a super easy way to add some glow to your outfit, just sew it along the edges of the zipper and up around the hood.

Have fun this year at Coachella with some our glowing EL wire glasses, you'll have people coming up to you all night asking what they are. Our glow glasses will stay lit up for over 10 hours running on 2 AA batteries. We also offer an upgraded driver that will have the glasses blink, pulse and fade to music and sound which makes them the perfect glowing music festival accessory.