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Sound sensitive EL wire drivers & inverters

EL wire is pretty rad with a regular driver to power it, but when you add in a sound sensitive driver you can take things to a whole other level.  A sound sensitive / react driver has a tiny input mic that allows it to control the wire to the beat of music, peoples voices, and just noise in general.  Depending on the quality of the driver and the sensitivity level set, you can have many different reactions to the noise.When you want to stand out in a crowd of 10000 people, this is the way to do it.  

3v Sound Sensitive Driver & Complete EL Wire Kit

The 3v sound sensitive driver is the smallest one available that has the sound react setting. It runs off of 2 AAA batteries and is tiny enough to fit in the smallest pockets. When you don't want it to react to music then it has a fully lit function as well as blink.  Here is a video of the driver & kit in action:


12v Sound Sensitive EL Wire Drivers

These are the most powerful sound drivers that we carry. they come in multiple versions which are the 4-6 meters, 8-10 meters, 12-15 meters, and 15-20 meters. You should only ever run the suggested length of EL wire provided on the driver to extend the life of the driver, and prevent it from burning out. This driver is larger and runs off of 8AA batteries, but the good news good news is that it lasts a LONG time.


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by: Matt Smith

2 thoughts on “Sound sensitive EL wire drivers & inverters”

  • megan

    hi there i have a question:

    i bought a sound activated t shirt with a el panel ( the wires are really flat, 7 wires to be exact ), i want to convert those wires to 7 EL wires, so that the frequency of the wires are diferent from eachother. How can i do that? because I expect i need to buy 7 sound activated battery packs, and i really cannot afford that. Is it possible to extend the volt of this 7 wired battery pack? or anything like this? please help me, there is really NO content on the internet whatsoever!

    • Matt Smith

      I've used those battery packs from the t-shirts in the past to make a custom driver before. The driver I used had 5 leads coming out of it, allowing me to have 4 pieces of EL wire (the 5th lead is used as the 'return' wire for the other 4 leads as it is AC power). It was a pain to do all the soldering but it worked pretty well, if you are thinking of doing it I can try and find some pictures from when I made it.

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