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LED String Light Uses - Balloon String!

We recently helped decorate a friends 30th birthday party and were experimenting with our new LEDs. One of the most exciting new items we are carrying are the "LED String Lights" which are a thin copper wire with tiny LED lights at regular intervals. They are extremely thin and lightweight which makes them the perfect way to decorate a party.


We discovered that they are light enough to be held up with 3 small helium balloons (or one big one) and they stayed floating all night long. You can also attach a small weight to the bottom with the battery pack to ensure they don't float away. These floating lights were the first thing all the guests noticed and they were talking about the lights all night long. We forgot to take photos but here is one that we grabbed, it doesn't show how bright the LEDs really are unfortunately, but you can trust us that they were bright.

Balloons on LED Strings

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