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LED MoodLights with Remote Will Light Up Your Party.

LED MOODLIGHT W/ REMOTEWe are super excited to show off one of the newest items to GlowCulture's lineup, the LED moodlight 2 pack with remote control.  These amazing lights can be used in so many ways, your imagination is the only limit.  They are almost the same size as a hockey puck (sorry to our US readers haha) and are waterproof!  They run off of 3 aaa batteries and have a run time of around 8 hours depending on the quality of the battery (don't cheap out).  

LED MOODLIGHTS with remote

The light itself consists of 10 RGB LED's that have quite a variety of colours they can make.These lights can be put in frosted glass vases like seen above, underneath centerpieces, up on ledges, or submerged in water.  They have also been incorporated into costumes as they provide a huge amount of light and can be changed on the spot with the remote.  The remote allows you to change them between 16 colours, and 4 blink/fade modes.  


They are great for camping (especially at music festivals) as they will really light up your tent or campsite for those late night parties that always tend to happen.  

Here is a video of the lights in action:


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