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How To Stand Out At a Music Festival with EL Wire

The summer season is our busiest time of year at GlowCulture because of all the great music festivals happening across North America. When you are in a crowd of 10,000+ people it can sometimes be difficult to stand out which is why EL wire has always been a popular accessory at festivals like Shambhala, Burning Man, EDC and Sasquatch Festival. EL wire helps you stand out in a crowd and makes finding your friends a breeze at night as the vibrant colour of EL wire makes anyone stand out.

The most popular choice for people attending music festivals are our pre-made EL wire glow glasses. Our glow glasses are lightweight, trendy & available in a wide range of colours. The EL wire faces outwards and is rarely seen by the wearer, but the glow effect looks amazing at night. We sell glow glasses in a wayfarer style, aviator, heart shaped & zig-zag.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous and want your own unique glow set-up we sell a variety of pre-made EL wire kits to suit your needs. We have you covered whether you need a basic 1 colour EL wire starter kit, or 20 meters of EL wire in 4 different colours. All of our EL wire kits contain everything you need to use them aside from batteries, and EL wire is easy to attach to clothing, bikes, backpacks, hats, robots, dinosaur costumes or anything else you can imagine. Our smaller kits use a tiny 1 battery driver that can easily be hidden while our deluxe multi colour kits sometimes use our larger 12v battery pack that can glow for up to two days.

Have fun this summer with EL wire from GlowCulture!

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