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Halloween Safety and Visibility with EL Wire

EL Wire makes a great choice for Halloween safety and Visibility.

EL Wire is bright and easy to use which makes it an awesome choice to make yourself or your child visible at night on Halloween. EL Wire provides 360 degrees of illumination, yet is easy to look at as it is a soft linear glow. It can be incorporated into an existing costume (think on a hat, cape, vest, etc) or put on the candy basket.

Here are is an example of an EL wire candy bucket we put together last year to show how easy it is to do. We used 2 meters of white EL wire and a regular driver which we left in the bottom of the bucket.  Using a hot glue gun (don't hold it on the wire for too long to prevent melting it) we glued it every 1-3 cm around the bucket, but you can get creative and do a more intricate design easily. The glue is all but invisible in the lower light so don't worry about making it perfect.


EL Wire Halloween Pumpkin Basket EL Wire Halloween Pumpkin Basket


EL Wire Pumpkin Candy Basket EL Wire Halloween Pumpkin Basket Front


Have fun out there and stay safe. Remember to not use EL wire if its broken, cracked, or the EL wire endcap isn't present as it can give a shock (don't use in the rain either).

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