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Halloween Ideas for EL Wire & LED's Part 1

*Update - We are now sold out of the LED puck lights - Check out our EL wire kits instead!


At GlowCulture we love Halloween, in fact it's the main reason we went into business.  We love helping people build their unique costumes,  whether you are building a perfect replica Tron costume, or just adding some lights to a funky mask.   We will be posting costume ideas with pictures from now until Halloween, but to start things off we want to show our favourite new product from this year.

LED Puck Lights - RGB - 16 Colours - Remote

LED Jack O Lantern Pumpkin LED Jack O Lantern
LED Puck Lights - RBG - 16 Colours - Remote LED Puck Lights For Pumpkins

A great new addition to our lineup are the 2 pack LED Puck Lights, and they are a very versatile light.  The 2 lights come with a remote control that lets you switch between 16 different colours, as well as four great modes.  The light modes include a fade mode which slowly fades between all the colours, giving off a great glow in the room.  Each puck light itself contains 10 separate LED's, these little LED's pack a lot of punch.


One of the most popular uses for our remote controlled LED's at this time of year is for lighting up the ol' Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin.  Our lights are heat free and run for many hours off of one set of batteries, making these a great choice for your home.   The lights are very bright and you can choose the colour of your Jack-O-Lantern, or just set it to party mode and watch all the colours strobe away.

Here is a video of our LED Puck Lights in action.

Click Here For More Information About Our LED Puck Lights

*Update - We are now sold out of the LED puck lights - Check out our EL wire kits instead!

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