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Halloween Costume Idea - Glowing Cartoon Stickman Costume Kit

Year after year our EL Wire Glowing Stickman Kit has been the most popular kit for Halloween costumes. Our Cartoon Stickman kit has all of the glowing parts & connectors you need to build your own glowing stickman kit for Halloween this year, simply attach it to dark clothing (not included). The stickman looks amazing at night or in low light conditions, the vibrant glow of the EL wire is easy on the eyes unlike LED lights that aren't great to look directly at.


The regular sized stickman kits contains the following:

3 x 2 meters of pre-soldered EL Wire (your colour choice)

1 x 3V Regular Driver (battery power pack)

1 x 3-way splitter (to attach all wires to one driver)

3 x 2 meter Power Extenders



How To Build Your Glowing Stickman Kit

The EL wire can be attached a few different ways depending on what you are more comfortable with. The easiest route is using small safety pins, and this method allows the wire to move slightly between points helping to prevent any unnecessary bending or breaking of the EL wire. The EL wire can also be sewn or glued for a more exact design.
First step would be to lay your clothing down and plan out your design. There is usually a few inches of EL wire left at the hands and feet allow for a small foot or hand design (circle or line). You should plan to keep the driver in a pocket near waist level, but the included power extenders allow for flexibility.


One piece of EL wire runs from one foot to the other, running up and down the front of the legs. It is powered by one of the 2 meter power extenders that connects at one of the feet. The 2nd piece of EL wire runs hand to hand, with the connector attaching at one of the ends. The 3rd wire would start at waist level and run up the chest, and around the hood (assuming you are using a hoodie). Without a hoodie a custom mask could be created but it would always be attached to the clothing which may be a pain. A hoodie is highly recommended.



Keep the wire loose and flowing so that when walking or moving around, the wire isn't bending.

To take your stickman costume kit to the next level we recommend adding a 1 or 2 meter starter kit and creating a unique face mask. Store bought masks make a great base for adding EL wire, but you can also use black duct tape coated cardboard for the classic Stickman face.


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