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Make a Glowing Ugly Christmas Sweater

Almost everyone has an 'ugly' Christmas sweater they break out at this time of year, but how many people have a sweater that glows? Our EL wire kits can turn a regular sweater into an ugly masterpiece that is sure to have heads turning at your office party. It's super easy to create an ugly Christmas sweater using EL wire that will have you standing out in the crowd of cliche ugly Christmas sweaters.


EL Wire Ugly Christmas Sweater


Adding EL wire to the average ugly Christmas sweater is incredibly easy as most Christmas sweaters are knit so the EL wire can be easily weaved and run through the front and or back of the sweater. The most popular option for your ugly Christmas sweater would be our two color kit allowing you to do a contrasting design. We recommending purchasing a power extender so that you can store the driver in your pocket as opposed to having it attached to the sweater. Be sure to send in some pictures of the finished project for us to add to the photo section!


EL Wire Ugly Christmas Sweater Designs


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