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LED Colour Morphing Lights - Light Up Your Campsite!

LED Color Morphing Lights - Light Up Your Campsite!

Our LED color morphing tea lights would make a great conversation starter at your next get together.  The 10 pack of LEDs are waterproof and will run for up to 48 hours on one set of batteries that are included.  These things ROCK for camping at a music festival, you will have the coolest site in the campground.

When the light is turned on (by simply twisting) it will slowly fade between all the colors of the rainbow, giving off a very cool glow.  When submerged in slightly opaque water, the water will appear to be glowing, it's very cool.   Best bet is to hit up the local dollar store and buy some small watertight jars, throw the lights in, and you now have some cool wizard worthy lights.

Here is a quick video of the lights in action, and they can be purchased on this page.

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