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EL Wire Halloween Costume Ideas - EL Wire Wings & Halo

It's the lead-up to Halloween and GlowCulture has the EL wire to make your costume shine this year. EL wire is so easy to work with and will take your costume to the next level with a bright and colourful glow. We will be featuring different glowing Halloween costume ideas and designs until we get to Halloween so check back often.  Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with EL glow wire as it is easy to apply and will take a regular store-bought costume and make it look amazing.

EL Wire Glowing Wings & Halo EL Wire Glowing Wings & Halo



 EL Wire Glowing Fairy Wings

These EL wire fairy wings took less than 20 minutes to complete and used our 2 wire EL wire kit.  Using white thread we quickly sewed the EL wire around the store bought wings. As you can see it came out amazing! We simply attached the driver to the back of the wings hidden from sight, it is very lightweight so it won't affect the wings. These glowing wings will beat anything you can buy in the store for sure.

EL Wire Halo

Creating an EL wire Halo is even easier than the EL wire wings. We took a dollar store Halo and used our EL wire starter kit to light it up. You don't need to sew it or glue anything as the wire can be wrapped around the halo quickly and then zip-tied at the end. Don't forget to purchase the 2m power extender as you probably don't want to wear the battery pack on your head (it's small but would be tough to hide).

EL Wire Tron Costume

You've probably already seen the Tron movie and wondered if their glowing suits could be made in real life. EL wire makes it easy to replicate the suits from the movie. The great thing is you can go small or go big depending on the time and resources you have and they will both look great. Some people simply do the top with some wire running down both arms, while the more dedicated do the full suit to be more authentic. We recommend measuring out your design with string beforehand so as to know how much EL wire you will need and where you are going to run it. It is usually easier to have multiple shorter pieces rather than one long piece so that you don't have to double back and waste wire.

Get Creative with EL Wire

The great thing about EL wire is how easy it is to work into any costume. Our huge selection of colours and lengths will work with any costume, your imagination is the only limit! Our LED's are also great to use on costumes as they are lightweight and very small. Order your EL wire kit early so you have plenty of time to work on your costume, and to ensure you get the colours you want.

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