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EDC Vegas EL Wire Shipping Dates

To those GlowCulture lovers heading to EDC this year don't forget to pick up some EL wire or a pair of our amazing glow glasses!  We are shipping orders as fast as we can as they come in and want to make sure you get your order on time.  EDC is going to be huge and our EL wire products will keep you glowing all night long.

Please use our contact form to inquire about shipping times to your particular location, but here is a rough guide for your order to reach you by Wednesday June 18th using our EXPEDITED shipping option.

Location Place Order By:
Alberta / BC / SK Major Cities  June 16th
Rest of Alberta / BC / SK June 12th
Manitoba / Ontario Major Cities June 12th - 13th
Rest of Manitoba / Ontario June 10th
Quebec / Maritimes Major Cities June 11th
Rest of Quebec / Maritimes June 9th
NWT / Yukon email us
USA ~June 10th but email us

These dates are estimates, please contact us with your postal code if you are unsure.  We want you to get it on time, and will do all we can to ensure you are glowing big this year.

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