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  • Less Than 30 Days Until Shambhala 2018 - Order Soon To Avoid Dissapointement

    Shambhala Music Festival is just around the corner and we are processing your EL wire orders as quickly as possible to give you plenty of time to work on your glow creations.  We have more colours, kits, glasses & LEDs than ever before to help you get exactly what you want. Shambhala is by far our busiest time of the year with everyone wanting to one up each other with their amazing EL wire creations.   What's better than friends, music, mountains, and partying all weekend?


    Our EL wire starter kits & deluxe EL wire kits are great places to start for those looking to create a unique glow look.  Our EL wire kits come with everything you need, including drivers (the power unit) splitters to power multiple EL wires, and different lengths and combinations of EL wire.  We carry 10 colours of EL wire in over 6 different lengths & types, we will the perfect kit for you.  

    For those who would like a ready made solution our EL wire glow glasses make an awesome accessory. The glow glasses will really make you stand out, but will not impact your view of the party. We offer our glasses in 10+ colors and 3 different frame designs.  They are powered by a small battery pack that you can stash in your pocket, and will keep you glowing all night long at Shambhala.

    We are currently fully stocked up on everything but as with previous years we tend to run out of colours / kits near the end of July so order soon to avoid disappointment.  Have fun and send us some pics of you glowing it up.


  • Music Festival Season 2016 is Just Around The Corner

    We at GlowCulture are very excited for the upcoming summer music festival season. Whether it's Coachella, Sasquatch, Shambhala, EDC, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot, Osheaga or Pemberton Music Festival GlowCulture has you covered! Live music, friends, dancing, and the warm glow of the summer sun makes for an amazing time and great memories.

    Make your summer extra memorable with EL wire from GlowCulture.  Whether it's our basic starter kit in aqua blue, or extra long EL wire kit in electric purple we can have you standing out in any crowd.  Our EL wire kits are bright, lightweight, flexible, colorful and just plain fun.  When you are in a huge crowd of people at night dancing up a storm your friends will be able to find you thanks to your awesome glow.

    The only limit to what you can do with EL wire is your imagination. Here is a list of some of the more popular designs:

    EL Wire Hoodie - Quick and easy, sew the EL wire up one side of the zipper, around the hood, and back down the other side. Simple set-up but looks AMAZING. Our ready-to-use starter kits are a great choice for a basic hoodie.

    EL Wire Shirt Design - Shape the EL wire into the shape/image of your choice on the front or back of a sweater or t-shirt. The glow wire can be sewn on or even glued depending on the design.

    EL Wire Bra - For the more adventurous, sew the EL wire onto a black bra for best contrast.

    EL Wire Hats - This works great on baseball caps, cowboy hats, big sun hats and novelty hats (giant glow sombrero anyone?).  The glow wire will look best when run along edges or seams as it will help you keep it in a straight line. For those with more time and skill you could also spell out a short message on a plain ball cap or create a unique design.

    Glow Bike - A bicycle makes a great canvas for your glow wire and once finished will drastically increase your visibility at night. If you are looking for a quick solution simply wrap the EL wire around the frame attaching with zipties every 2-3". For a more unique look grab one of our multi-color EL wire kits and trace the frame using different colors for different parts of the bike.

    Glow Glasses - While we sell pre-made EL wire glasses that are a quick way to get in to EL wire, you can make your own if you want something cooler.  Our starter kits have more than enough glow wire and the excess can be trimmed.

    Costumes - If you like to go all out and dress up then EL wire can take your costume to the next level. Angel wings, masks, morph suits, oversized hats can all be made cooler with a little glow!


    We love seeing your finished projects, please send us some photos once it is all complete.


    Have fun out there!

  • EL Wire Glasses Will Help You Stand Out At Shambhala

    Music festival season is here and we couldn't be more excited! One of our most popular additions to our product line was our EL wire glow glasses. We carry a huge selection of colors and designs so that you can find your favorite color. There's no better way to find your friends in that huge crowd than our awesome glasses, you'll be amazed how much you stand out.

    Our EL wire glow glasses are powered by a small power pack that you keep in your pocket, and will stay lit for up to 8 hours. We also offer an upgrade to a sound react driver that will make the glow glasses blink and fade to music.

  • Summer Music Festival Survival Guide

    Music Festival Survival GuideWith music festival season starting we'd like to share a few tips that we've learned over the years.  Coachella is just around the corner and Sasquatch Festival (our favorite) is coming up next month, time to get prepared!Do's & Don'ts

    - Be prepared for ANY weather.  If there is one thing I have learned it is that a weather forecast is but a hopeful prediction.  I recommend a decent lightweight rain jacket, sunscreen, bug spray, warm sweater, extra socks, and pants, all of which I didn't bring the first year I went.


    - Bring a lot of easy to prepare and eat food, as the novelty of making huge meals with limited supplies + utensils will get a bit tiring. Having something you can just open and eat will be a lifesaver after the long days, and don't skimp on nutritious food as you can't survive a weekend on chocolate bars & red bull. Depending on the camping situation and vendors I would also recommend buying as much as ice as you can bring (we had 1 cooler for food, 1 for beer, and 1 for extra ice) as it can be tough to get more on the hot days.


    - Bring or make a landmark for your campsite so you have an easy way of finding it both day and night.  You may think its easy to find but believe me it isn't at night when you realize your tent looks identical to the other 10000   Depending how handy you and your friends are I would suggest anything from a well lit flag pole with a home-made flag, or some bright LEDs shining up into the sky. Our various LED lights make an awesome choice for cheap camp lighting and beacons. Our extra long EL wire kit makes a great light source for a flag pole.


    - Hydrate hydrate hydrate.  Red bull & beer is not enough to keep you alive all weekend.  Go to wal-mart and buy as much water as you can fit in all the nooks of your car.  Inside the concert area is another story as you usually can't bring in outside bottles, but bring a good refillable bottle and get in line for water before you run out. Extending your time off with a trip to the hospital for dehydration isn't the most fun.


    - Pick a meeting place for you and your friends on the festival grounds as it's hit or miss whether your cell phone will work (and if you are a Canadian you will get gouged like crazy for texts and data).


    - If you want music in your campsite when you are hanging around you will need a decent sound system or car stereo as unlike nature camping festival camping is LOUD. You will most likely kill your car battery at some point so be sure to have jumper cables as well (or nice neighbors).


    - Have fun, make memories, but don't be that guy.


    - Make sure you are clear about what can and cannot be brought into the festival grounds, we recommend erring on the side of caution as the front gate security sometimes have trouble telling the difference between a pro camera vs basic one. Wasting an hour hiking back to your car to lock up a camera isn't the best way to start your festival experience.


     Don't forget to pick up some EL wire or super bright LED lights from us to help you and your friends stand out at night in the crowd.

  • Music Festival Season Is Fast Approaching

    While the snow might still be on the ground when you look outside, we can still dream of the coming spring and all the fun that it brings. Just last week Sasquatch Festival just released their 2015 lineup and its a great one as usual. This festival has a special place in our hearts after many visits, the music has always been fantastic and the view of the Columbia gorge behind the main stage is forever burnt into our memories.

    Want a great way to find your friends in a crowd of 20,000 people at night? Grab some EL wire glow glasses and you will see them from a mile away. We've spent many Memorial Day long weekends at the Gorge and EL wire has made those nights special!  Our LED lights also make wicked camp lighting for the late night parties. If you want your campsite to stand out at night we recommend grabbing our 5 color deluxe glow wire kit and decking out the tents and cars.

    Sasquatch Festival 2015 Lineup

  • Burning Man Shipping Times

    You still have time to order before Burning Man!

    We are processing orders and dropping them off at the shipper as quickly as possible to ensure you receive your order before you leave.  Below is an approximate SHIPPING time chart.

    Approximate shipping transit times (business days):

    Expedited Regular
    BC Greater Vancouver 1-2 days 2-3 days
    BC Kelowna, Kamloops, Victoria 1-2 days 2-3 days
    BC Other Major Cities 2-3 days 2-4 days
    BC Rural & Small Town 2-3 days 3-5 days
    AB Calgary & Area 1 day 2-3 days
    AB Edmonton, Red Deer 1-2 days 2-3 days
    AB Other cities 2-3 days 3-4 days
    AB Rural 2-3 days 3-5 days
    SK Major Cities 2 days 3-4 days
    SK Rural & small towns 2-3 days 3-5 days
    MB Major cities 2-3 days 3-5 days
    MB Rural & small towns 2-4 days 4-6 days
    ON Toronto & Area 2-3 days 4-5 days
    ON Major Cities 2-3 days 4-5 days
    ON Rural 2-5 days 4-6 days
    QC Montreal, Quebec City 2-3 days 5-6 days
    QC Major Cities 2-4 days 5-6 days
    QC Rural & small towns 3-4 days 5-6 days
    Maritimes Major Cities 5-8 days 7-10 days
    Maritimes Rural & small towns 5-8 days 7-10 days
    Yukon All NA 5-9 days
    NWT & Nunavut All NA 7-14 days
  • EDC Vegas EL Wire Shipping Dates

    To those GlowCulture lovers heading to EDC this year don't forget to pick up some EL wire or a pair of our amazing glow glasses!  We are shipping orders as fast as we can as they come in and want to make sure you get your order on time.  EDC is going to be huge and our EL wire products will keep you glowing all night long.

    Please use our contact form to inquire about shipping times to your particular location, but here is a rough guide for your order to reach you by Wednesday June 18th using our EXPEDITED shipping option.

    Location Place Order By:
    Alberta / BC / SK Major Cities  June 16th
    Rest of Alberta / BC / SK June 12th
    Manitoba / Ontario Major Cities June 12th - 13th
    Rest of Manitoba / Ontario June 10th
    Quebec / Maritimes Major Cities June 11th
    Rest of Quebec / Maritimes June 9th
    NWT / Yukon email us
    USA ~June 10th but email us

    These dates are estimates, please contact us with your postal code if you are unsure.  We want you to get it on time, and will do all we can to ensure you are glowing big this year.

  • Shambhala 2014 Lineup Announced

    It looks like Shambhala has released their lineup for 2014, summer is just around the corner.  They managed to pack a ton of awesome DJ's onto their lineup again including some of our personal favourites: Bassnectar, Excision, Datsik, Z-trip, and tons more. 

    Don't wait until the last minute, we sold out of EL wire 2 weeks before Shambhala last year!


    Remember to order your EL wire early as our stock levels take a huge dip as we approach the festival date.  We have everything in stock right now so order now and take advantage of our sale!  Our Shambhala 3 pack special of sound react kits is a great option to outfit yourself at a low price.

    Who are you looking forward to seeing the most? Reply in comments for entry into our monthly draw for a free EL wire kit.

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