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  • Make a Glowing Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Almost everyone has an 'ugly' Christmas sweater they break out at this time of year, but how many people have a sweater that glows? Our EL wire kits can turn a regular sweater into an ugly masterpiece that is sure to have heads turning at your office party. It's super easy to create an ugly Christmas sweater using EL wire that will have you standing out in the crowd of cliche ugly Christmas sweaters.


    EL Wire Ugly Christmas Sweater


    Adding EL wire to the average ugly Christmas sweater is incredibly easy as most Christmas sweaters are knit so the EL wire can be easily weaved and run through the front and or back of the sweater. The most popular option for your ugly Christmas sweater would be our two color kit allowing you to do a contrasting design. We recommending purchasing a power extender so that you can store the driver in your pocket as opposed to having it attached to the sweater. Be sure to send in some pictures of the finished project for us to add to the photo section!


    EL Wire Ugly Christmas Sweater Designs


    At we are proud to be 100% Canadian, serving customers across North America.  We pack and ship orders as soon as possible, so you will have your EL wire kit quicker than you would think.  Our customer service will leave you wishing everyone else was like us! Give us a try today, you won't be disappointed. 

  • Halloween Costume Idea - Glowing Cartoon Stickman Costume Kit

    Year after year our EL Wire Glowing Stickman Kit has been the most popular kit that we sell for people choosing a Halloween costume. Our Cartoon Stickman kit has all of the glowing parts & connectors you need to build your own glowing stickman kit for Halloween this year. The kit is simple to attach to any dark clothing you might own using either safety pins, sewing or glue. The colourful stickman looks amazing at night or in low light conditions, the vibrant glow of the EL wire is easy on the eyes unlike LED lights that can be hard to look at directly. This costume kit will definitely wow your friends & family!


    The regular sized Stickman Kit contains the following:

    • 3 x 2 meters of pre-soldered EL Wire (your colour choice)
    • 1 x Basic Driver (battery power pack)
    • 1 x 3-way Splitter (to attach all wires to one driver)
    • 3 x 2 meter Power Extenders


    How To Build Your Glowing Stickman Costume For Halloween This Year 

    EL wire can be attached a few different ways depending on what you are more comfortable with. The easiest route is using small safety pins, and this method allows the wire to move slightly between points helping to prevent any unnecessary bending or breaking of the EL wire. The EL wire can also be sewn or glued for a more exact design, be careful to not pierce or break the outer shell of the EL wire.


    The First step in assembling your costume would be to lay your clothing down and plan out your design. There is usually a few inches of leftover EL wire at the hands and feet allowing for a small foot or hand design (circle or line). The driver aka battery pack can be kept in a convenient pocket, the connecting wires should have plenty of length to reach the EL wire.


    One piece of EL wire runs from one foot to the other, running up and down the front of the legs. It is powered by one of the 2 meter power extenders that connects at one of the feet. The 2nd piece of EL wire runs hand to hand, with the connector attaching at one of the ends. The 3rd wire would start at waist level and run up the chest, and around the hood (assuming you are using a hoodie). Without a hoodie a custom mask could be created but it would always be attached to the clothing which may be a pain. A hoodie is highly recommended.


    Most of our customers add a pair of our unique Glow Glasses to really add a WOW factor to their costume, we offer numerous colours & designs that are easy to wear and won't affect your vision.



    Keep the wire loose and flowing so that when walking or moving around, the wire isn't bending as it could eventually break if bent too many times.


    To take your stickman costume kit to the next level we recommend adding a 1 or 2 meter starter kit and creating a unique face mask. Store bought masks make a great base for adding EL wire, but you can also use black duct tape coated cardboard for the classic Stickman face.

    Shop EL Wire Stickman Kits & Glow Glasses

  • Less Than 30 Days Until Shambhala 2018 - Order Soon To Avoid Dissapointement

    Shambhala Music Festival is just around the corner and we are processing your EL wire orders as quickly as possible to give you plenty of time to work on your glow creations.  We have more colours, kits, glasses & LEDs than ever before to help you get exactly what you want. Shambhala is by far our busiest time of the year with everyone wanting to one up each other with their amazing EL wire creations.   What's better than friends, music, mountains, and partying all weekend?


    Our EL wire starter kits & deluxe EL wire kits are great places to start for those looking to create a unique glow look.  Our EL wire kits come with everything you need, including drivers (the power unit) splitters to power multiple EL wires, and different lengths and combinations of EL wire.  We carry 10 colours of EL wire in over 6 different lengths & types, we will the perfect kit for you.  

    For those who would like a ready made solution our EL wire glow glasses make an awesome accessory. The glow glasses will really make you stand out, but will not impact your view of the party. We offer our glasses in 10+ colors and 3 different frame designs.  They are powered by a small battery pack that you can stash in your pocket, and will keep you glowing all night long at Shambhala.

    We are currently fully stocked up on everything but as with previous years we tend to run out of colours / kits near the end of July so order soon to avoid disappointment.  Have fun and send us some pics of you glowing it up.


  • Spring Music Festival Season Approaches

    At GlowCulture we are excited the spring music festival is just around the corner. Adding EL wire to your clothes, gear, bag, hat or other accessory is a great way to stand out in the huge music festival crowd. EL wire is a heat-free, efficient & colourful way of lighting yourself up. Our glow wire is available in 10 colours and 5 different lengths, and also comes in a sewable version. All EL wire is powered by a small inverter that will have either a blink, fully lit, sound activated mode (or all 3) and will run off of 1-8 batteries depending on size. Adding EL wire to a hoodie is a super easy way to add some glow to your outfit, just sew it along the edges of the zipper and up around the hood.

    Have fun this year at Coachella with some our glowing EL wire glasses, you'll have people coming up to you all night asking what they are. Our glow glasses will stay lit up for over 10 hours running on 2 AA batteries. We also offer an upgraded driver that will have the glasses blink, pulse and fade to music and sound which makes them the perfect glowing music festival accessory.

  • EL Wire Halloween Costume Ideas - EL Wire Wings & Halo

    It's the lead-up to Halloween and GlowCulture has the EL wire to make your costume shine this year. EL wire is so easy to work with and will take your costume to the next level with a bright and colourful glow. We will be featuring different glowing Halloween costume ideas and designs until we get to Halloween so check back often.  Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with EL glow wire as it is easy to apply and will take a regular store-bought costume and make it look amazing.

    EL Wire Glowing Wings & Halo EL Wire Glowing Wings & Halo



     EL Wire Glowing Fairy Wings

    These EL wire fairy wings took less than 20 minutes to complete and used our 2 wire EL wire kit.  Using white thread we quickly sewed the EL wire around the store bought wings. As you can see it came out amazing! We simply attached the driver to the back of the wings hidden from sight, it is very lightweight so it won't affect the wings. These glowing wings will beat anything you can buy in the store for sure.

    EL Wire Halo

    Creating an EL wire Halo is even easier than the EL wire wings. We took a dollar store Halo and used our EL wire starter kit to light it up. You don't need to sew it or glue anything as the wire can be wrapped around the halo quickly and then zip-tied at the end. Don't forget to purchase the 2m power extender as you probably don't want to wear the battery pack on your head (it's small but would be tough to hide).

    EL Wire Tron Costume

    You've probably already seen the Tron movie and wondered if their glowing suits could be made in real life. EL wire makes it easy to replicate the suits from the movie. The great thing is you can go small or go big depending on the time and resources you have and they will both look great. Some people simply do the top with some wire running down both arms, while the more dedicated do the full suit to be more authentic. We recommend measuring out your design with string beforehand so as to know how much EL wire you will need and where you are going to run it. It is usually easier to have multiple shorter pieces rather than one long piece so that you don't have to double back and waste wire.

    Get Creative with EL Wire

    The great thing about EL wire is how easy it is to work into any costume. Our huge selection of colours and lengths will work with any costume, your imagination is the only limit! Our LED's are also great to use on costumes as they are lightweight and very small. Order your EL wire kit early so you have plenty of time to work on your costume, and to ensure you get the colours you want.

  • Order EL Wire For Burning Man 2017 - Shipping Timelines

    Orders placed before 5PM MT will be packed & shipped that evening, leaving the following morning.

    Burning Man is a great place to bring EL wire to stand out in the crowd and to help light the dark nights. EL wire is bright, colourful and flexible allowing you to get creative. We are shipping orders as quickly as possible to ensure you can get your package before you leave.

    All orders placed before 5 pm MST will be packed that day and shipped the following morning. (Example: order placed on Monday and shipped Tuesday would arrive in Vancouver Thursday with express shipping).  If you have questions about shipping time or have a very specific timeline to work with, please send us an email using our contact form.>

    Approximate shipping transit times:

    BC Greater Vancouver 2 days 3-4 days
    BC Kelowna, Kamloops, Victoriaria 2 days 3-4 days
    BC Other Major Cities 2-3 days 3-4 days
    BC Rural & Small Town 2-3 days 3-5 days
    AB Calgary & Area 1 day 2-3 days
    AB Edmonton, Red Deer 1-2 days 2-3 days
    AB Other cities 2-3 days 3-4 days
    AB Rural 2-3 days 3-5 days
    SK Major Cities 2 days 3-4 days
    SK  Rural & small towns 2-3 days 3-5 days
    MB Major cities 2-3 days 3-5 days
    MB Rural & small towns 2-4 days 4-6 days
    ON Toronto & Area 2-3 days 4-5 days
    ON Major Cities 2-3 days 4-5 days
    ON Rural 2-5 days 4-6 days
    QC Montreal, Quebec City 2-3 days 5-6 days
    QC Major Cities 2-4 days 5-6 days
    QC Rural & small towns 3-4 days 5-6 days
    Maritimes Major Cities 3-4 days 4-9 days
    Maritimes Rural & small towns 4-5 days 5-9 days
    Yukon All 3-4 days 5-9 days
    NWT & Nunavut All 3-7 days 7-14 days
  • How To Stand Out At a Music Festival with EL Wire

    The summer season is our busiest time of year at GlowCulture because of all the great music festivals happening across North America. When you are in a crowd of 10,000+ people it can sometimes be difficult to stand out which is why EL wire has always been a popular accessory at festivals like Shambhala, Burning Man, EDC and Sasquatch Festival. EL wire helps you stand out in a crowd and makes finding your friends a breeze at night as the vibrant colour of EL wire makes anyone stand out.

    The most popular choice for people attending music festivals are our pre-made EL wire glow glasses. Our glow glasses are lightweight, trendy & available in a wide range of colours. The EL wire faces outwards and is rarely seen by the wearer, but the glow effect looks amazing at night. We sell glow glasses in a wayfarer style, aviator, heart shaped & zig-zag.

    If you are feeling a little more adventurous and want your own unique glow set-up we sell a variety of pre-made EL wire kits to suit your needs. We have you covered whether you need a basic 1 colour EL wire starter kit, or 20 meters of EL wire in 4 different colours. All of our EL wire kits contain everything you need to use them aside from batteries, and EL wire is easy to attach to clothing, bikes, backpacks, hats, robots, dinosaur costumes or anything else you can imagine. Our smaller kits use a tiny 1 battery driver that can easily be hidden while our deluxe multi colour kits sometimes use our larger 12v battery pack that can glow for up to two days.

    Have fun this summer with EL wire from GlowCulture!

    EL wire glasses white pink orange yellow blue

  • How GlowCulture Began

    I get asked quite often how GlowCulture began. GlowCulture started as a frustrating search for a quality EL wire retailer online while trying to design a next-level Halloween costume. During the summer a few years back I was trying to put together a Mario costume, but I didn't want to use the cheap store bought version. What should have been a simple task was turned into a monumental task as getting the costume to glow wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

    The original plan was to go as 'Star Mario' and somehow have my costume change color like Mario did in the game. After many late nights trying to find something that would work online, I came across 'EL wire' and was instantly drawn to it. The unique glow as well as the flexibility of the wire instantly made me change my plans, and I was also doubtful of being able to pull off a cool Star Mario costume anyways.

    Star Mario became Fire Mario and the costume started coming together. Finding overalls that weren't denim or black was a big problem but actually finding a quality source for some EL wire turned out to be a bigger problem. The majority of the retailers were US based and were charging ludicrous amounts for shipping to Canada on top of the USD exchange turning a $25 kit into a $100 purchase (They are still charging insane amounts for Canadian shipping, last time I checked the two big ones they both were in the $40-60 shipping fee range at the cheapest level).

    I couldn't bring myself to wasting that much money on an already expensive costume so I continued my search bringing me to a Canadian EL wire retailer. My excitement was short lived as I realized that even though shipping was now cheaper, they wanted more than twice what it would cost from the US. I ordered it but I wasn't happy about it. When it arrived I was very excited to see EL wire for the first time and was amazed at how cool it looked in person. The costume turned out amazing and I spent the entire night talking to people who wanted to know how my costume was glowing.

    The online shopping experience left a bitter taste in my mouth and it was always there in the back of my head. There has to be an easier way to order EL wire I thought, but 'life happened' and I moved on to other projects. A year or so later I decided to jump in to the EL wire business as I knew I could do EL wire better and sell it for less than the competition. My extensive background in customer service and e-commerce would help set the website apart. Most competitors were selling raw EL wire and random drivers and it was a very confusing process to buy EL wire at the time.

    To stand out I decided to sell pre-assembled ready to use EL wire kits to take the guesswork out of buying EL wire. The kits proved incredibly popular from day one and it grew from 1 starter kit in 5 colors to over 25 kits in 10 awesome colors. I've been constantly working to improve the EL wire shopping experience as well as looking for new and high quality products to sell. Our EL wire glasses have proven to be quite popular for the non DIY crowd who want something ready-to-use, and the LED strings are a great complement to EL wire.

    Over the last few years I've switched manufacturers a few times as I've always been on the lookout for better EL wire. I've never compromised on quality which has meant disposing of some bad products in the past that didn't meet my quality standards. We have been working with a great factory for over a year now who has the best EL wire and best prices which has allowed me to pass on the savings to you.

    GlowCulture is not a low quality drop shipping company, it is a hands on company run by someone with a passion for customer service and quality products. I take great pride in everything I do and will always be sure the customer is satisfied with the shopping experience and the product. I am still excited when I see EL wire and it's cool glow, I continue to build things with it as really is fun to work with.

    EL Wire Skeleton GlowCulture.comMatt's EL wire skeleton for Halloween with EL wire bat party decorations.

    EL Wire Ugly Christmas Sweater
    EL Wire Ugly Christmas Sweater.

  • Music Festival Season 2016 is Just Around The Corner

    We at GlowCulture are very excited for the upcoming summer music festival season. Whether it's Coachella, Sasquatch, Shambhala, EDC, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot, Osheaga or Pemberton Music Festival GlowCulture has you covered! Live music, friends, dancing, and the warm glow of the summer sun makes for an amazing time and great memories.

    Make your summer extra memorable with EL wire from GlowCulture.  Whether it's our basic starter kit in aqua blue, or extra long EL wire kit in electric purple we can have you standing out in any crowd.  Our EL wire kits are bright, lightweight, flexible, colorful and just plain fun.  When you are in a huge crowd of people at night dancing up a storm your friends will be able to find you thanks to your awesome glow.

    The only limit to what you can do with EL wire is your imagination. Here is a list of some of the more popular designs:

    EL Wire Hoodie - Quick and easy, sew the EL wire up one side of the zipper, around the hood, and back down the other side. Simple set-up but looks AMAZING. Our ready-to-use starter kits are a great choice for a basic hoodie.

    EL Wire Shirt Design - Shape the EL wire into the shape/image of your choice on the front or back of a sweater or t-shirt. The glow wire can be sewn on or even glued depending on the design.

    EL Wire Bra - For the more adventurous, sew the EL wire onto a black bra for best contrast.

    EL Wire Hats - This works great on baseball caps, cowboy hats, big sun hats and novelty hats (giant glow sombrero anyone?).  The glow wire will look best when run along edges or seams as it will help you keep it in a straight line. For those with more time and skill you could also spell out a short message on a plain ball cap or create a unique design.

    Glow Bike - A bicycle makes a great canvas for your glow wire and once finished will drastically increase your visibility at night. If you are looking for a quick solution simply wrap the EL wire around the frame attaching with zipties every 2-3". For a more unique look grab one of our multi-color EL wire kits and trace the frame using different colors for different parts of the bike.

    Glow Glasses - While we sell pre-made EL wire glasses that are a quick way to get in to EL wire, you can make your own if you want something cooler.  Our starter kits have more than enough glow wire and the excess can be trimmed.

    Costumes - If you like to go all out and dress up then EL wire can take your costume to the next level. Angel wings, masks, morph suits, oversized hats can all be made cooler with a little glow!


    We love seeing your finished projects, please send us some photos once it is all complete.


    Have fun out there!

  • Happy New Year, 2016 is going to be bright!

    We would like to wish everyone a happy new year and offer our thanks for making 2015 such a great year. 2016 is gearing up to be amazing and we are very excited with the new glow gear we will be bringing you! Stay tuned for some announcements on new items and some killer sales we will have in the near future. We are planning on bringing in some new models in our EL wire glasses lineup, as well as re-stocking our super popular LED string lights. Like us on Facebook to get special deals as well as hear about our latest giveaways.

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