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Who We Are & What We Do has been helping fun people glow big for years with the highest quality EL wire & kits available. We strive to be the best online shopping experience you have ever had.

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What Is EL Wire?

We've written an easy to understand guide on the basics of EL wire and how it works. If you are new to EL wire or just have a few questions please take a quick look at our handy guide.

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Easy Sewable EL Wire Kits

Our Latest Blog Post
  • Music Festival Season 2016 is Just Around The Corner

    We at GLowCulture are very excited for the upcoming summer music festival season. Whether it's Coachella, Sasquatch, Shambhala, EDC, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot, Osheaga or Pemberton Music Festival GlowCulture has you covered! Live music, friends, dancing, and the warm glow of the summer sun makes for an amazing time and great memories.

    Make your summer extra memorable with EL wire from GlowCulture.  Whether it's our basic starter kit in aqua blue, or extra long EL wire kit in electric purple we can have you standing out in any crowd.  Our EL wire kits are bright, lightweight, flexible, colorful and just plain fun.  When you are in a huge crowd of people at night dancing up a storm your friends will be able to find you thanks to your awesome glow.

    The only limit to what you can do with EL wire is your imagination. Here is a list of some of the more popular designs:

    EL Wire Hoodie - Quick and easy, sew the EL wire up one side of the zipper, around the hood, and back down the other side. Simple set-up but looks AMAZING. Our ready-to-use starter kits are a great choice for a basic hoodie.

    EL Wire Shirt Design - Shape the EL wire into the shape/image of your choice on the front or back of a sweater or t-shirt. The glow wire can be sewn on or even glued depending on the design.

    EL Wire Bra - For the more adventurous, sew the EL wire onto a black bra for best contrast.

    EL Wire Hats - This works great on baseball caps, cowboy hats, big sun hats and novelty hats (giant glow sombrero anyone?).  The glow wire will look best when run along edges or seams as it will help you keep it in a straight line. For those with more time and skill you could also spell out a short message on a plain ball cap or create a unique design.

    Glow Bike - A bicycle makes a great canvas for your glow wire and once finished will drastically increase your visibility at night. If you are looking for a quick solution simply wrap the EL wire around the frame attaching with zipties every 2-3". For a more unique look grab one of our multi-color EL wire kits and trace the frame using different colors for different parts of the bike.

    Glow Glasses - While we sell pre-made EL wire glasses that are a quick way to get in to EL wire, you can make your own if you want something cooler.  Our starter kits have more than enough glow wire and the excess can be trimmed.

    Costumes - If you like to go all out and dress up then EL wire can take your costume to the next level. Angel wings, masks, morph suits, oversized hats can all be made cooler with a little glow!


    We love seeing your finished projects, please send us some photos once it is all complete.


    Have fun out there!

EL Wire Buyers Guide - Click to Read

EL Wire Buyers Guide

EL wire is a great way to add a fun glow to clothing, costumes, backpacks, hats, bikes, and more. EL wire is heat-free and produces a nice 360 degree glow that is easy on the eyes and eye catching at the same time.  EL wire is available in 10 colors and many different lengths depending on your needs. The glow wire is flexible to allow for intricate designs and is easy to attach. EL wire (short for electroluminescent wire) is made up of a tiny copper wire coated in a phosphor that will glow when powered by a 'driver'. There are two smaller 'corona' wires surrounding the copper wire that carry the electricity back and allow it to glow. The inner wire is covered in a PVC casing that gives the wire its color, and the cover also protects the inside from the elements and protects you from the electricity. 


Here is a breakdown of our 4 main kit types:


EL Wire Starter Kits

OurEL wire starter kits offer a great way to get started with EL wire as they contain everything you need to get started, simply select one of our extra bright and colorful EL wires and it is paired with the proper driver (inverter, power source, etc) to light it up. These kits are great for smaller projects such as adding some glow to the brim of a hat, or lining the zipper of a hoodie.  The drivers (power units) are typically very small and easy to conceal, making them easy to carry around.


Deluxe Multi Color EL Wire Kits

If you are looking for a little more color our deluxe multi color EL wire kits are great for customers looking for multiple colors or EL wire strands. We offer these kits in a range of 2-6 pieces of EL wire all powered by one driver with a splitter to connect them all together. The deluxe kits are great for medium to large projects such as decking out your bike, building a glowing flagpole, or building that winning halloween costume. The drivers (power unit) are typically a little bigger than the starter kits, but on the upside the battery run-time is a lot longer.


Sewable EL Wire Kits

Our sewable EL wire kits are very similar to the starter and deluxe kits except the wire included is a 'welted' version that is made for sewing.  The welted EL wire has a small 1cm plastic tab that runs the length of the wire allowing it to be stitched through or stapled/pinned to clothing. This wire is optimal for attaching to costumes along seams so that the excess plastic can be hidden. Regular EL wire can still be sewn using a loop method and is sometimes more efficient depending on the design.


Sound Sensitive EL Wire Kits

Our Sound sensitive EL wire kits are some of our best-selling kits for a great reason! The sound activated EL wire will jump to the beat of music and sound thanks to the sound activated driver included in the kits. We carry single color EL wire kits that are sound activated, as well as 6 color deluxe sound activated kits. These kits will make you the light of the party!


 Which EL wire kit is the right kit for me?

Choosing an EL wire kit can be confusing if it is your first time.  The main things to focus on will be the length of EL wire needed and the amount of wires/colors you need. The best way to determine the total length of wire needed would be to trace your design out using string and then measure the string. It is always better to go slightly longer and hide or trim the excess EL wire as opposed to coming up short. If you want multiple colors then our deluxe kits would be your best option as they come with up to 6 different colors. With all of our EL wire kits we highly recommend our 2m power extenders allowing you to keep the driver in your pocket or tucked away somewhere safe.